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  1. YoruAngel866 Jan 10, 2018

    Quote by srsn OEMG You're back! Upload more walls, miss your sistah too!

    im finishing up my works one by one :D
    ah my photoshop and pc have been going on my nerves, can't use them properly anymore sigh

    whats up :D

    i cant wait for that code realize wip you are doing <3 i love the game :D

  2. Alenas Retired Moderator Aug 15, 2016

    Happy birthday, woman! Hope you had a great one! :D

  3. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Aug 07, 2016

    Quote by srsn I must say that you nailed the style this time. Seriously, among all your wallpapers, this is the best. I think these types of scan are your forte~ Hope to see more from you.

    Thank you so much for comment and fav+ :D
    Yup, I myself think that this wall is my best one, but it wasn't hardest one xD
    If you want me to wall any Akira amano scan, feel free to drop by, I'll try my best to wall it. :D

  4. Shimazaki Aug 05, 2016

    Thanks for the Fav and Commend, well the cloud were originaly made for a nother wallpaper and for a sunset so maybe thats why it doesnt match 100 percent

  5. MaronKuzakawe Jun 21, 2016

    Hello, at first thank you for your comment. Any comment of any kind is welcome :)
    About the lines around the flags, i know there is a problem, but i notice that at the very end and dont wanted to do it all again. Whats bear on the grass and sky i know its not perfect. There is a lot space to do better but i dont have wacom and with mouse only is it very difficult. If you have any tips to do it better with mouse or better vector it, you can post me anytime, you are welcome :)
    One more time, ty for comment and next time :)

  6. YoruAngel866 Jun 10, 2016

    Quote by srsn

    Quote by YoruAngel866

    probably Kat i don't remember doing any Kobato walls XD
    but she is like really busy
    she found a job but she works 12 hours a day so her social life is pretty much doomed, not to mention her creative life-__-

    WHAT!? 12hrs a day holy cow! Tell her not to stress herself too much.
    How about you? How are things there?

    Trying to find a job
    overall, okay :D
    obsessing over homestuck :D


  7. Steffi1690 Moderator Jun 09, 2016

  8. Tanya2000 Jun 01, 2016

  9. Monu-chan Retired Moderator May 24, 2016

    KHR wip! How's it going so far? >.>
    I left Akira Amano's tasty skin coloring for last to enjoy fullest!

  10. Elena888 May 08, 2016

    Quote by srsn Thanks for the +fav on my wallpaper

    You're welcome! and it's a great work, btw!

    see you!

  11. Tanya2000 May 06, 2016

  12. trofikabinet Apr 19, 2016

    Quote by srsn

    I just thought of an idea the other day, but I still havent started the vector.

    Are you finishing another VK wall?

    Great, now we wait for a year and you'll be finished xD

    Nope, no VK. I have a feeling that I am boring people with it :/

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