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  1. Monu-chan 5d 22h ago

    KHR wip! How's it going so far? >.>
    I left Akira Amano's tasty skin coloring for last to enjoy fullest!

  2. Elena888 3wk 0d ago

    Quote by srsn Thanks for the +fav on my wallpaper

    You're welcome! and it's a great work, btw!

    see you!

  3. Tanya2000 3wk 3d ago

  4. trofikabinet 5wk 5d ago

    Quote by srsn

    I just thought of an idea the other day, but I still havent started the vector.

    Are you finishing another VK wall?

    Great, now we wait for a year and you'll be finished xD

    Nope, no VK. I have a feeling that I am boring people with it :/

  5. Blue-Crescent 5wk 6d ago

    Quote by srsn Thanks for the +fav on my wallpaper

    Hi Srsn! It is my pleasure. It looks very beautiful.
    All I can say is that you sure have an eye for beauty and is great in choosing details to mix and match.Ganbare!
    Anyway, glad to know another fellow coming from the same country as mine. ^^


  6. trofikabinet 6wk 0d ago

    Quote by srsn

    Yeah long time to chat! Actually, the character's hair, eyes and flesh and a few parts of the clothes were already done way back 2 years ago, and I decided to finish this now since it would be a waste. I actually that this is to be my last wall before officially retiring from walling, but I guess another scan caught my attention and I can't stop thinking about it.

    This one -
    ~Princess of Genesis~ Art Book

    I want to start it already, but I can't picture the background. BUT I still want to wall it! Alien Ale said I got the waller's bug. I told her a waller's bug plus walling block hahahaha

    I'm still here busy with work T.T You're not gonna wall anymore?

    Oh wow, it's a lovely scan :3 I think you should go for it, along the way you'll get an idea for BG. Maybe like a magic forest, with glowing crystals and know, fairy stuff lol

    I wish I'd have motivation to start walling something, I'm just so bored of everything. Still officially not retired and last week I had a bit of inspiration, so maybe I'll finish something this year xD

    I'd like to see more from you though... :/

  7. AssasinXXX 6wk 4d ago

    Hey! You're welcome! :)

    Your wallpaper is actually the first one I commented on in god knows how long, years i think. The thing is I rarely come here and it's only to just have a chat and keep connected, I fail at that horribly. So I don't really go through the front page much, but your wall caught my eyes instantly, because I could see some serious shit went into it and I will always appreciate that. One of the things I liked about AP (hated it at first) is the strict approval back in the days. Seeing your thumbnail kinda gave me that vibe again so thank you :)

    I've been good and bad going through a weird time right now you could say, i really miss being part of the scene. Life kinda knocked and told me to pack shit up and become an adult, but I want to be active again.

    How about you, how are you now and have you been active all this time? I know we haven't spoken much before but I'd like to know how your walling experience with AP and MT has been like since you started.

  8. YoruAngel866 6wk 6d ago

    Quote by srsn

    Quote by YoruAngel866

    Quote by srsn Woah you are online!
    Thanks for the + fave on my Kitsune Wallpaper

    You are welcome :D
    And yeah :D i get on from time to time :D

    Tell your sis we still have a collab Kobato one or was that you? Hahaha

    probably Kat i don't remember doing any Kobato walls XD
    but she is like really busy
    she found a job but she works 12 hours a day so her social life is pretty much doomed, not to mention her creative life-__-

  9. trofikabinet 7wk 0d ago

    Quote by srsn Thanks for the +fav on my latest wallpaper

    hey woman, where have you been!?


    long time, no see. I've been busy myself, like you were. No time or motivation for walling at all, I got lazy big time.
    How about you, how are you doing?
    I'm really happy to see you back with such amazing wall <3

  10. KiyanaIkebana 7wk 0d ago

    Quote: srsn
    Thanks for the compliment. I think clamp style will not suit my current technique. Clamp has this heavy lineart with straightforward colors unlike visual novel which has feathery and delicate like colors.

    That happened? Well akiranyo's wallpapers vs yours are different. His works are all ecchi and the style is super like the scan so it is like we are seeing 2 things at the same time so I guess people don't like that. If you make a lot of clamp walls nobody will criticize that. Nobody criticized Sinever for being the VK waller. Check out her gallery, it's all VK.

    Added u over in FB.

    I see, but I understand. Sometime I have problems with the strong linart too.
    maybe...., you are right :) thank you for everything :)

  11. KiyanaIkebana 7wk 1d ago

    Quote: srsn
    ou're very welcome.
    Usually, I'd associate people with their works for example - Trofikabinet, Sinever, Tina18 as the VK wallers, then there is Yamionpu, Aneznam, kunogi09midori and you as part of the clamp wallers. Tsunoh the painter and Luches as the Monochrome waller.

    I also once thought of doing clamp works only, but I decided to be the Visual Novel Waller specializing in Visual Novel with hot bishies.
    You are afraid of criticism? Hmmm Don't be coz it will help you grow.

    I'll send you a PM of my FB account. Send me your FB too.

    Nice to meet you too.

    oh so famous names! so excellent waller! I miss all them so much! :'( I wish they come back, but the reality is different...

    oh, your clamp work are amazing! *_* Especially now, they would be masterpiece (like your hot bishies)! :3
    one time akiranyo have made a lot of "beach-wallapaper" and everyone criticized him for this :( so I am afraid,that they would also criticized me...

    Thank you, i will sent you too :)

  12. KiyanaIkebana 7wk 2d ago

    Quote: srsn

    Quote: KiyanaIkebana
    I was really happy to see your new work! No, my first reaction was: SRSN is back! *lol*
    Now your wall adorns my destop :) Please, would you like to continue? I really adore your works! :)

    Woah someone still recognizes me here since I went MIA for 3 or 4 yrs. OEMG it makes me happy. I also like your walls very much. Those warm pastel colors that only your style can do. Actually, when I saw your + fave I was like, woah it's Kiyana, the clamp waller.

    I'm currently doing another, but I dont know when it will be done. It might be uploaded in dA or my FB account though coz I'm not sure if by the time I finish it, MT is still alive and kicking like before.

    So what are you up to? Any walls coming up?

    OMG! praise from you... I swear, for a moment my heart stopped for joy! >///< I read your message, perhaps 10 times. Thank you so much, it made me really happy! :3 that someone knows me , especially you, I was very surprised!

    I once thought, specializing only to clamp work (because I really love them so much), but but I was afraid of criticism. But if I am to you "the clamp waller", so I have fulfilled a dream. :D :)

    I don't know your FB account :'( And I am not registered in DA...but if there uploaded more works over here, so I guess I'll have to register :D or you must uploaded it here :p

    the last time I'm unable to form a new work. I'll start and then it ends up as a work in progress lol

    At the end I would like to thank you for adding me to your friendlist (I will it too :3). Please be patient with me, because my English is very bad and I'm often misunderstood. Thank you for everything Ashlie-sensei! :) Please take Care and have a nice day!