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  1. ndox900 4wk 0d ago

    big thank you for the +fav :]

  2. Shimazaki 12wk 4d ago

    i heard that you were busy with Work so no problem replying late ;)
    Im doin good, i started over with wallling so i work on some projects.
    Looks like you completly retired from walling but i still hope to someday some Walls of you again

  3. Shimazaki 14wk 5d ago

    Heyy how are ya doin? havent seen you around for a long time i thjought i drop by and ask how you are doin!

  4. dragonknight2000 15wk 0d ago

    Wow! you're from philippines as well ^_^ great bumping into you. I love your wallies

  5. minayuri 21wk 3d ago

  6. bloodD 21wk 6d ago

    Quote by srsn

    Quote by bloodD 4 girls in one site how interesting...

    I speak to one right now.

  7. MoonFangs90 22wk 6d ago

    Thanks for the comment dear ♥

    So you and Kitaan were also vectoring this scan? I'm looking forward to seeing it :)

  8. bloodD 22wk 6d ago

    4 girls in one site how interesting...

  9. Mayuuki 40wk 3d ago

    Quote by srsn
    I am still watching a few animes. As for wallpapers - that is what I'm not sure of. My old laptop (where I make my walls) broke down, and I am not comfortable with the color schemes of the laptop provided to me by my company so I'm not sure if I can create wallpapers here.

    You? Still walling?

    Oh, that's so bad... But it can be fixed? It's horrible to use a computer with different color scheme, the one I use on work is too yellow and I almost don't use PS here because of that. x.x

    I always wanted to make more walls, but how life was too busy just these days I managed to make one to participate on MTKO 2014 (and don't passed even the 1st round, hahaha). I don't uploaded it here yet because I need to finish some changes I decided to do, it's just two layers but I wanted to watch the last episodes of Ao Haru Ride, Free! Eternal Summer and Zankyou no Terror first. XD
    Ah, I had an idea for a WIP but don't started yet, will be a crossover between Ao Haru Ride and Hirunaka no Ryuusei. I love these mangas and had to do something of it, you know? Bishieeeees! *-*

  10. Alenas Retired Moderator 40wk 3d ago

    Quote by srsn

    Quote by Alenas
    Hmm...let me see if I can dig it up somewhere on my comp. I think it must be still there somewhere, hidden under a pile of stuff, lol. If I do, I can send it to you I guess.

    Sure. :) Work's been taking a lot of my time lately.
    How's everything over there?

    Okay, I PMed you the file. xD

    Yah, tell me about it. I've been doing nothing but running around lately, trying to gather papers and signatures from the professors just to enroll in my graduation year. That, and I've been working in the Uni library (will be working there for the next few months at least, until I graduate), getting some experience and earning some money so that also takes a lot of my time.

    How's work going for ya? Still coding/designing stuff?

  11. Mayuuki 40wk 3d ago

    Quote by srsn
    Work is taking a lot of my time =.=
    How about you?

    Same here, plus universtiy (last semester + final paper). At least I'm able to get some free time to watch anime / read mangas and see what's going on here and on Twitter, hahaha.

    And you, still watching/reading something? And about walls, do you plan to make more on the future? :)

  12. Mayuuki 40wk 3d ago

    Saw you online and decided to pass by to say hi ~ <3

    How're you, woman? Don't see you in ages!